Thermal Heated Cap Hair Care Treatment Deep Conditioning Thermo-Cap Microwavable Steaming Microfiber Cotton Reversible Flaxseed


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Hair Care Heating Hat Deep Conditioning Thermal Heat Cap Microwavable Heat Cap Steaming Microfiber Cotton Reversible Flaxseed
Material: flaxseed / mustard seeds, microfiber cotton
Size: The inner diameter of the elastic ring is 12cm (elastic, suitable for most sizes)
Cap ring outer diameter: Approx. 25cm
1. There is no need to purchase expensive commercial brands to pamper yourself. Our heat conditioning cap is fully functional and provides the nurturing efficiency your hair deserves. It seals in and activates oils and therapeutic conditioners and diffuses them deep into hair follicles. More efficient that hot iron or rollers, the cap safely nurtures your hair without damaging it! 
2. Very Comfortable design with outer material consisting of microfiber cotton for a soft. Double sealed to prevent leaking. We use the waterproof and hypoallergenic materials in cordless heat cap. It is perfect for all hair types with long-lasting insulation of the heat. With high quality elastic rim, one size fits all.
3. Economic and Safe:
Reusable and can be reheated time and time again. No need for wires and power, allowing you to use the process more safely and do anything at any time, perfect for at home treatment, spas, and professional hair salons.
4. Durable:
Built for repeated usage, it has supreme memory and retains its form and elasticity after extended usage.
5. Microwaveable:
The heat cap is engineered for repeated exposure to microwave heat. 
6. Cordless:
No batteries or cords are required to power the cap, the unit is heat activated and also ecofriendly. 
1. Rinse your hair so that no residue remains on your hair.
2. Evenly apply hair care products to your hair.
3. Use a microwave to heat the cap reference temperature with medium heat for 1-2 minutes. For the first time, it is recommended to heat for 30 seconds and remove the test temperature. Then it can be heated again, and the accumulated heating time should not exceed 2 minutes for the longest time to avoid damage to the nursing cap.
4. You need to use a shower cap to wrap your hair in a care cap.
5. The nursing time is usually about 10-20 minutes. Finally, take off the nursing cap and wash the hair in warm water.
6. When cleaning the cap, please wash it with warm water or mild soap to avoid direct soaking in the water.
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