PURC 12% formalin keratin hair treatment and purifying shampoo hair care products set Brazilian keratin free shipping


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12% formalin keratin hair treatment and purifying shampoo 
PURC hair care  products set Brazilian keratin free shipping
Dear friend, do you want to make your hair more shine / smooth / natural straighten  ?
The hot sale Straightening hair brazilian keratin will be help you do that !!!
PURC keratin can both do at home and salon, just need 30 mins operation time !

Keratin effects:

1. 30 minutes repair your damage dry hair

2.  Straighten hair

3. Eliminates frizzy hair

4. Make hair more shiny, smooth.

5. The straight effect can lasting for 3 months



12% keratin hair treatment

Keratin introduction Straightening hair set , Straightening hair Repair

 straighten damage hair product

The set including :

One piece x 100ml 12% Brazilian chocolate keratin treatment 
One piece x 100ml purifying shampoo 
Free shipping
Two methods choose the keratin : 
1. Choose the kreatin follow where you are from ?
If you are in the  Asian,    middle East,    European,   Russian, please choose keratin 5% formalin or keratin 
8  % formalin
If you are in Africa, South American,    please choose keratin keratin 8% formalin, or keratin 12% formalin
2. What level of curly and damage of your hair ? 
Formaldehyde free for the lightest damage solution, and then is 5% / 8% / 12% formalin

For little curly hair ( Formaldehyde free )  / a little damaged

For normal curly hair ( 5% formalin )/ /some damaged

For deep curly hair ( 8% formalin ) /more damaged

For very curly hair ( 12% formalin ) / damaged a lot



Notice:  1. If your hair is natural curly , please choose the 8% or 12% formalin keratin

             2. If  you hair is golden, please do not choose keratin Formaldehyde free, or it will change hair
color to orange,  please choose keratin 5% formalin or any other keratin. 
             3. If your hair more than 17”, we suggest you need to 2 sets   
Who need the Brazilian chocolate keratin treatment ?
1. DIY.  just 30 mins , Keratin treament will be repair and straighten damage hair  by yourself ! 
y ou can use it at home. 
2. As a gifts send to your family or your friends !

1. Wash hair twice on chemically-treated hair and three times on virgin hair with Purifying shampoo.

2. Blow the hair to 100% dry.

3. Shake the bottle well,pour approximately 2-3 OZ of Pure Keratin treatment in to bowl.Apply to hair

    with brush using on 1/2″” sections. Comb through every section until hair is completely saturated.

    (Gloves should be worn for this application)

4. Place hair in cap.

5. For chemically-treated damaged hair,allow hair to absorb solution for 20 minutes and blow hair to

   100% dry. For every resistant,coarse hair, allow hair to absorb solution for 30 minutes and blow

    hair to 100% dry.

6. With a heat resistant comb,divide hair into 4 sections.

7. Using a 450°F (230°C)flat iron,start at the nape of the neck, taking 1/8 inch sections. Slowly move

    the iron from root to  ends 5-7 times( 7-10 times for extremely curly coarse hair) infusing the keratin

    treatment into the hair shaft. For chemically treated damaged hair reduce heat to 430°F.

8. After 3 days/72 hours, hair should be washed with PURE keratin Daily shampoo and conditioner.

    (Shampoo does not contain sodium Chloride)





Straightening hair Repair and straighten damage hair keratin treatment set 
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