Metoo Edition Mechanical Keyboard 87 keys Blue Switch Gaming Keyboards for Tablet Desktop Russian sticker


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 We have upgraded and strengthened the packaging to ensure that the packaging is protected from damage during transportation. Please do not worry about the packaging. 

Russian friends please note: When purchasing, please leave the correct contact number/mobile number so that when the parcel arrives, the post office/delivery y can contact you in time to pick up the parcel.

Brand Name: ME TOO              Series Name: ZERO

Hello, blue switch has paragraph sense , when you press it ,it have a  “kacakaca” sound

Black switch no paragraph sense, but the resilience is good, straight up straight down
Red switch = light version of the black switch (its press force is less than the black switch) 

 Dear friends, our shop now be divided into two types of keyboard language, one for pure English, one is English + Russian, please friends to buy yourself version you need

white/black six mix  light version: metal panel,  Full key anti-ghosting   and 6 keys anti-ghosting  two modes Can choose

white/black no light version: ABS plastic panel, specified 29 key anti-ghosting,”Ctrl+Shift doesn’t work with this keys: N, M, greater sign, less sign, ?, “, :, H, {, }, |, P, O, I, U, Y, End, PgUp, PgDown, Delete”

if you want to know more about anti-ghosting ,you can open this link
Mix lights version: only lighting mode can be changed (not RGB), no lighting version: no backlight
keyboard Version:Enlish letter /Enlish+Russian letter
note:   mix light keyboard has a memory function that can restore your last action   
Product parameters
Cable length: 1.5m ± 0.05m
Interface: USB
Lighting effects: No light version has not effects, mixed light version of the 10 kinds of lighting effects
the axis: blue switch / black switch / red switch
the number of keys: 87/104
Packing: 1 * Gaming Keyboard
56465656856456456 47 50 54 55 66 39 42 45 6RU 7RU 8RU
this is the no light version keyboard picture ,it have not backlit 




“CAPS”、“NUM”、“SL”These three buttons of the bright and dark  on behalf of the keyboard indicator,when you press “CAPS”、“NUM”、“SL”,they will be lit,
as the picture shows
1、 the floating keycap design, stylish
2、 the original leading Gemini injection molding technology, keycap characters never wear
3、500 million times the mechanical switch to ensure that the using life
4、 the game professional chip
5、 FN key combination, you can quickly achieve multi-media capabilities
6、 the cable with anti-interference magnetic ring, the data transmission more stable






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