1set Silicone Baby Feeding Bowl Tableware Waterproof Spoon Non-Slip crockery BPA Free Silicone Dishes For Baby Bowl Baby Plate


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Silicone Baby Feeding Tableware Waterproof Spoon Non-Slip Suction Fixing Feedings Bowl BPA Free High Quality Silicone Baby Bowl

How to check whether it is food grade silicone?
  • 1. Hold the silicone product with your hand, aim at a position, and then pull it left and right. White is a common silicone, and food-grade silicone does not contain white.
    2. Another auxiliary method is to smell. Smell the silicone products with your nose. If it is white and has a pungent odor, it can be determined as ordinary silicone rather than food grade.
    3. Baking test, general food grade silica gel can withstand about 220 degrees, non-food grade can only withstand about 150 degrees except for special colloids
    4. FDA certification
    Note: Silica gel is not white, but has a slight odor and is also food grade! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Because it is produced in the production process of the factory, it will not affect the quality of the product, and the smell can be eliminated by itself
  • Our products are FDA certified and are food grade silicone.
  • Our   raw materials   have FDA certificates, and processed products also have FDA certificates. If you need, you can leave a message to the customer service, we can provide both certificates



​Why choose a silicone suction cup bowl?

  • High strength silicone, not easy to damage
  • Polished inside design, large diameter, easy to clean
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Cold and heat resistant
  • Vacuum absorption at the bottom, not afraid of baby overturning food
  • There is a flip design at the bottom, mom can easily lift up the tableware and move freely
  • Solid wood handle, anti-scalding and heat insulation




Style 1



Dinnerware Type: Bowls                       Material: Silicone      

Certification: FDA                                  Feature: Eco-Friendly, Stocked

Brand Name: Wo Silicone                      Temperature: -40~220 degrees

Description: Food Contact Safe,Non-slip silicone 


20 17 21 22 23 24 8
Color: white marble bowl + white marble spoon + white stitching blue lion  bib
Color: pink bowl + pink spoon + pink stitching white rainbow bib
Color: yellow bowl + yellow spoon + white splicing yellow banana bib
Color: purple bowl + purple spoon + white stitching purple cruise bib
紫色 14 15 13 16 17
Style 2:

Product capacity: 200ml

Minimum temperature -40 degrees Celsius

Maximum temperature 230 degrees Celsius
Can be heated in the microwave
Microwave heating please do not exceed 3 minutes





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